Tools and Materials

For this hobby, there are some tools that will be used in addition beside a set of computers and color printers (I recomend inkjet printers)... because we're going to print, cuting, folding and gluing...

The tools typically used include:

1. Cutter / Scissors

Cutter or scissors used to cut out papercraft patterns that we'll create, we can use all kinds of cutter, but for beginners I recommend to use the scissors first, but it's not a problem if want to try using a cutter... the point is how you can be comfortable when cutting patterns and make it prim. But for you who have been accustomed to using cutter, I suggest you to try using cutter pen or hobbies cutter, this type cutter would make it easier when you cut the pattern because its shape likes a pen which will make you more flexible when moving a finger.



2. Cutting Mat
Cutting mat is a tool that is used as the base when you cut the pattern, because it material is made from something like rubber that make it blade cutter friendly then blade cutter becomes durable, unlike when you use glass or wood as base material, the blade cutter will be blunt quickly and we must replace it... isn't it extravagance...??? :)

There are a variety of sizes and brands of cutting mat on the market, and i use a cutting mat from SDI with A4 size...

3. Ruler
Ruler will be needed when we scoring the pattern that we have cut, for scoring technique I'll write in other posts later...

4. Tweezer
Yup.... Tweezer, this tool is very useful when we make a papercraft, because with tweezer we can reach small parts when gluing and will make it more prim...

5. Toothpicks or Needle ???
Toothpicks ???....
Some may wonder what toothpicks are for, this tool will be used in gluing papercraft, many papercraft builders use a toothpick in gluing... I don't use toothpicks but use a big needle, with slight modifications, I think it more effective and efficient than a toothpick, because the tool is not disposable but can be cleaned and used repeatedly.


6. Iron Pipe or Plastic Pipe
In certain parts, that require for scroll, only using hand will be difficult and the result is not so good, then if we use iron pipe or plastic pipe with small diameter (± 3-4 mm) will help when scrolling.


7. Color Markers
Markers will be used for finishing touch, because after scoring, folding and gluing, few parts of pattern will damaged. And we can use color markers for repair it...

8. Scoring Tool
Scoring is a technique for help us folding easier, so when we will fold the patttern we use a tool by pressing, with ruller or not, it's depend on the section which will be scor.
Many tools can be used for scoring, such as pin, paper clip, ballpoint former, etc. And I've tried to make my own scoring tool,which is using big-size needle-tipped with sandpaper then it is quite good for scoring :)

9. Glue
Glue is obvious usefulness to gluing, all paper glue can be used, but many builder using a special glue for this papercraft, I recommend for not use paper glue for the children, because it's more difficult in gluing process and it has a bad results. And for myself, I use Fox wood glue (white glue)...

Inkjet Paper, Glossy Paper, Art Paper or other type of paper that can be good result in printing that can be used for make papercraft, but just remember for the weight of the paper, many papercrafter use paper with weight 120 - 160 grams, that's better when folding and gluing. And I use Inkjet paper with A4 size and 120 grams weight :), but if you want to make a big size of papercraft you can use more weight of paper, and use the less weigt if you make a little size of papercraft. 

Yupsss..... Those are the basic equipment must be owned by papercrafter :) and actually I think there are no special rules for these tools, the important is result, and for more complete and direct 'shopping' please see here...


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